Am I really starting a collective or is it a cult?


Minimum 1830 Devotees Wanted For Collective That Could Be A Cult

No rules to follow, just suggestions.

Sleep 8+ hours preferably grounded

or if not grounded sit/stand/walk barefoot on the grass 20+ minutes a day.

Do 20-30 seconds of star jumps or press ups after you wake up.

Drink plenty of water.

Go for a 5-6 minute walk around your local area, greet everyone you meet with a good morning or a smile.

Shower and leave the last 30 seconds cold.

Go to number 2 with your feet around 10-12 inches off the ground under a paint tin or something similar and sturdy, for a more comfortable release.

Be silent/meditate for 5+ minutes

A simple no cost morning routine to keep you fit and healthy in body and mind which will add years to your life.

Throughout the day be helpful to those who need it most, grateful for everything you have, non judgmental to the less fortunate.

And when you need help and it’s offered, take it to keep the ball rolling. Today you, someday me.

Throughout the year save minimum 10% of your earning and then when the opportunity to leave your work arrises, leave, go enjoy yourself and be helpful and find more devotees.

Do I follow all of my suggestions all of the time, of course not but I give it a good go.

The bones of what I know and have learnt is the words above, but if you want the meat then you have to join me and get off Facebook.

Minimum 1830 Devotees Wanted

Want to join me simply email and include any questions you may have.